Choosing the Correct Christmas Light Installation Company

The time is quickly approaching when Christmas lights will be decorating the streets and neighborhoods, offering good cheer to all who drive by and see them. We all know that putting up our own Christmas lights is a lot of work. In fact, as our schedules get busier and we get older- and the weather gets colder- putting up Christmas lights on our own sounds less and less appealing. Many people are hiring Christmas lighting installation companies to make their home beautiful for the holiday season.

What sort of things should you look when hiring such a company? See below for some suggestions to find the perfect Christmas light installation company that you can trust and be completely satisfied with.

1) Be sure to find an installation company that gives you a free estimate on the costs for your design. Make a list of everything you want done. You’ll want to have decorating tasks lined out. Be sure to have a map and list the types of decorations you’ll want done, and where on your home. Also, if you want your Christmas tree installed as well, be sure to ask pertinent details. You’ll want to ask if it will cost more to decorate the tree. Get all of the particulars and preferably have the company come to your home and give you an estimate that you can talk about together- and be sure it’s free. Any reputable company will give you a free estimate and hope they can earn your business.

2) If you’re looking for a company to suggest what sort of decorations you should have for your home, in other words if you don’t have an idea of what you should do, you can hire a company that will suggest decorations and styles for you. If you do this- do NOT give them a down payment until you are completely satisfied with their plan. If they suggest a certain type of lights, do some research and ask if you can use a less expensive line. Bargain with them and come to a reasonable cost, don’t just take what they suggest and go with it. Be sure to get the very best deal possible.

3) Once you find an installer who will do your work and you feel comfortable with, do not forget to ask them if they will take down the decorations after the season is over. Make sure that taking the decorations down, storing them in an organized manner for the next season. You don’t want to pay a decorator to put up your lights and decorations and then have to keep them up for the rest of the year. Taking them down should always be part of the deal or contract.

In addition you need to think of the type of lighting you want and wether you will chose LED or incandescent. Each type has it’s benefits and drawbacks, below is an infographic that will help you choose. Here is additional Christmas lights installation service in Houston resource document.

Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights

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