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I wish there was a place to take 18 month old. seriously 18 months is a tough age. The are not old enough to hand with the 2 year olds but are too old to for the 1 year olds. Most places are geared for either older kids or younger but not the middle 18mo.

One of the places I really liked when I visited my girlfriend in Houston last summer was a place called stomping grounds. It actually had a playground for 3+ and under 3. So the kids were not together where they could get hurt.

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During week four of CMA’s I Have A Voice collaboration with The Cartwheel Initiative, students were asked to step in front of the mic and tell their story of moving to the US. Each participant started by describing his or her home country, family, and school and his or her experience growing up in their home country.
Have you ever saved a ticket stub, button, receipt or an ink-less pen, not for its usefulness, but for its sentimental value? Jil Weinstock, CMA’s Curator and Director of Fine Arts, explores nostalgic tokens and our inclination to collect in her newest body of work presented at Winston Wachter Fine Art this month. Things Neatly

Short haircuts for men with big foreheads – Top 3 picks

It can be a challenge for a man with a big forehead to be comfortable with their haircut. The reality is that most women won’t even care but we know you do! In today’s age fashion is as important as deodorant and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Not all is lost! There are options and styles that will work for you and most can be tied to a veru minimalist approach and maintenance. Below you will find some styles that are not only great but easy to maintain. These can be mixed with any attire, casual or business and regardless of your personal style any of these will work if you have a larger then average noggin.

1. The upward comb.upward hair cut
This one is very popular with men of all ages. It consists of a tight fade around with scissor cut on top and styled upward to direct the focus to the hair and not the forehead. Any decent barber can pull this off without a hitch and no doubt you will be in and out in no time.


2. Horizontal cut.horizontal cut
This cut is all about the symmetry and how it creates a very define shape that outlines your head and face putting you as the focal point. This is plain and simple and a great option for those that don’t really have or want to spend too much on maintenance.


3. Side partition.side partition
This one is a classic, which was sported by some of the great including the godfather of soul James Brown. This look of a trendy hipster with the class of a gentleman can go with any formal or casual wear. This one however does require some styling by you so it’s perfect if you have some time each day to blow it out.

Choosing the Correct Christmas Light Installation Company

The time is quickly approaching when Christmas lights will be decorating the streets and neighborhoods, offering good cheer to all who drive by and see them. We all know that putting up our own Christmas lights is a lot of work. In fact, as our schedules get busier and we get older- and the weather gets colder- putting up Christmas lights on our own sounds less and less appealing. Many people are hiring Christmas lighting installation companies to make their home beautiful for the holiday season.

What sort of things should you look when hiring such a company? See below for some suggestions to find the perfect Christmas light installation company that you can trust and be completely satisfied with.

1) Be sure to find an installation company that gives you a free estimate on the costs for your design. Make a list of everything you want done. You’ll want to have decorating tasks lined out. Be sure to have a map and list the types of decorations you’ll want done, and where on your home. Also, if you want your Christmas tree installed as well, be sure to ask pertinent details. You’ll want to ask if it will cost more to decorate the tree. Get all of the particulars and preferably have the company come to your home and give you an estimate that you can talk about together- and be sure it’s free. Any reputable company will give you a free estimate and hope they can earn your business.

2) If you’re looking for a company to suggest what sort of decorations you should have for your home, in other words if you don’t have an idea of what you should do, you can hire a company that will suggest decorations and styles for you. If you do this- do NOT give them a down payment until you are completely satisfied with their plan. If they suggest a certain type of lights, do some research and ask if you can use a less expensive line. Bargain with them and come to a reasonable cost, don’t just take what they suggest and go with it. Be sure to get the very best deal possible.

3) Once you find an installer who will do your work and you feel comfortable with, do not forget to ask them if they will take down the decorations after the season is over. Make sure that taking the decorations down, storing them in an organized manner for the next season. You don’t want to pay a decorator to put up your lights and decorations and then have to keep them up for the rest of the year. Taking them down should always be part of the deal or contract.

In addition you need to think of the type of lighting you want and wether you will chose LED or incandescent. Each type has it’s benefits and drawbacks, below is an infographic that will help you choose. Here is additional Christmas lights installation service in Houston resource document.

Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights

From Visually.

Why The Pilatus PC-12 Rocks!

The Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is one of the most unique aircraft that is currently gracing the skies. The aircraft is a real workhorse and it has a good reputation plus a solid history. It has been flying for several years and has proven itself to be one of the premier aircraft for both passengers and cargo.

The aircraft is a single engine turboprop that is durable enough to fly in a variety of different conditions. The Pilatus company is known for making aircraft that are able to handle virtually anything that is thrown at them. Because of its versatility, this is an airplane that works especially well when it comes to Pilatus fractional ownership. The fact that it is a turboprop, as well as the fact that it is a larger aircraft that is capable of hauling several passengers in addition to cargo, makes it pricier than some smaller, slower aircraft that are not able to perform as well. As a result, more people choose to pay for a fraction of the aircraft and then share ownership duties as well as times when they can fly. This gives them the opportunity to have an outstanding airplane that is able to get the job done without spending a fortune in the process.pilatus

Many people have the need for an aircraft such as this, but owning one outright is a luxury that is typically reserved only for the most wealthy of individuals. Fractional ownership puts the possibility of owning an aircraft like this in the hands of normal, everyday individuals that have a real need for an aircraft that can go virtually anywhere. Fractional ownership of an aircraft is much like the fractional ownership facebook that exists with beach homes or fancy boats, yet it is much more practical. It is one of the best ways to own a high quality aircraft. This particular aircraft is one of the best choices that anyone could make.

Marketing ideas for small business

Marketing is the primary source to a successful business. If you have a small business or starting up you don’t have a lot of money to waste on expensive advertising like the big companies. With a small budget and want to compete on the same levels you need to market your products or services smarter.

Below are some of marketing ideas for small business.

Be different from your competitors

Find out the difference between something that distinguish you from your competitors and advertise the difference. The difference may be a primary difference in the product you are selling, the slogan you are using or even alleged difference.

Form planned alliances with other businesses

Look out for businesses that reach out to your target audience and define ways on how ideas marketingyou can work together. You can aggressively market each other services or even join hands and handle client’s job. This way you will be able to have a wider spectrum of audience.

Create free events

Reporters are always on the run to look for a good story. Give them exactly what they want and you will get a free publicity. This in turn will lead to more response especially if there’s food.

Open as many as possible communication channels as you can

This may include Facebook, twitter, Linkedln, a toll free call services, incorporate a live chat on your website and also email.This way you will be able to connect to as many people as possible.

Sending handwritten thank you message

This is an effective way to market a small business by sending handwritten message such as birthdays or thank you notes to old clients, existing clients, vendors in your network and also anyone you might think has helped you in any way.

Build a helpful referral network

Word of mouth and referrals from friends or business partners is another effective marketing tool to a small business, for example www.thirdcoastsigns.com – custom sign offer has custom yard signs at affordable prices for small business owners.. Therefore it is very important to form a healthy relationship with professionals or any other individuals who will gladly refer customers to you.

What are the best kitchen knifes that fold

If you’re in the market for the best folding knife, there are a t least a couple of considerations before you choose one. Of course it should go without saying that the knife should be a quality instrument. A higher quality knife will provide you with more years of service, be better at maintaining an edge, and just all around be a better knife.

The first consideration is how you are going to use this knife. Will you want to carry it with you daily, and use it often, or will it be relegated to the tackle box, the backpack or the bug out bag. So weight may be an issue, as well as size. A pocket knife, or a belt knife should be light enough and small enough in size so as to not weigh you down or find it a nuisance to carry. It is surprising how something as heavy as just a few ounces can become when you have to carry it around constantly. Add to that that carrying a heavy knife in a pocket will wear out the pocket faster. It isn’t as noticeable on the belt, but a knife that weighs in at anywhere near even one pound can become a serious burden. If it will be kept in the tackle box or bug out bag it isn’t so much an issue, because you won’t carry it everywhere, all the time. Size may not be as much of an issue if you carry it on your belt either, but it can become annoying in a pocket. Especially with other items, such as keys, and cash or coin.knife

Another concern is how it will be used. Will it be a work knife? Will it be an all around, use it for everything, knife. A knife that takes an edge well and maintains it well is crucial. A dull knife is worse than just difficult to use, it can be downright dangerous.

You may have other ideas of what you need or want in a knife. Some stand by the old Barlow pocket knife. I prefer a lock blade myself. I like mine to be no larger than about about 5″ when open. I use mine for general purposes. It weighs about 7-8 ounces, and I hardly notice it in my pocket. I prefer a larger, heavier knife for work, or for the field. And, as for the tackle box, I usually have at least a couple knifes in there, both folders and non folders so I’m not real particular there.

The best answer is to purchase more than one knife. One for each purpose. And it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up. Just in case. You never know when one will disappear or break. Choose them well and they will serve you well.

Event planning basics

Many people hire portable potty units for their events. Often times they have made the right call. In the case of outdoor events, without portable potty units, there would be no bathroom facilities for the guests at all. Even in situations where there are office buildings nearby or there are a few bathrooms, if the event is going to have a large enough turnout, it would be difficult for the bathroom facilities to accommodate absolutely everyone. Having portable potties will allow events planners to meet their guests’ needs that much more effectively.

Portable potty units can make the process of sanitation at major events that much easier. If hundreds and hundreds of guests were forced to rely on only a few bathrooms, these areas would be stressed. Cleaning them afterwards would be comparatively difficult. The companies that rent out portable potty units are set up to sterilize the units themselves, and they can take the burden off of company custodians in more ways than one. It makes sense that many companies end up hiring portable potty units.

Portable potty rental is also relatively inexpensive. For very low costs, companies can make sure that all of their guests are comfortable. Some guests wouldn’t even be able to attend certain events if the bathroom facilities were inadequate or couldn’t meet their needs. People with mobility problems need bathroom facilities that are conveniently located. With portable potty units, they will be able to get what they need.

While some companies are reluctant to hire portable potties, the industry has changed over the years. Some associated companies try to make their units more aesthetically pleasing than earlier models. Ultimately though, many people associate portable potties with large, outdoor events. Portable potties are an important part of the picture when it comes to holding an outdoor event in more ways than one.